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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kidd/Hazel Pupdates

It's been a busy week. Eye checks for all 12 puppies were good. Tessa went to her new home this morning. She will be sharing adventures with Phoebe who knows the ropes. Her brother is snoozing waiting for his family to arrive.  He has two partners in crime waiting for him at home to show him the finer arts like counter surfing.

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dseils said...

Hi, Pat...

We are blessed every moment with the privilege of owning a dog from your kennel. For over 5 years, we kept her while her owners traveled extensively on work overseas.

They took her to Africa with them, but felt that a stay in East Timor was not in the dog's best interest. They finally felt that they were not doing the best by her, and so asked if we would be interested in adopting....and of course, we were!

She is our constant companion...amazingly smart and energetic even at the advanced age of 10! She blesses us with her love and attention and we cannot imagine being without her. She greets us with such enthusiasm each day and is always up for a good romp! Thank you for your wonderful mission!

She was named Clover by her owners, Michelle and Brian Pinkowski and was part of your June 12, 2003 litter. I'm going to send a photo I took recently so you can see something of how she turned out.