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Monday, February 9, 2009

Tropical Twist

Math not being my strong point (never could balance a checkbook) so I check, recheck and double check my math before I cut, sew and assemble.  Imagine my confusion when I started to assemble Tropical Twist and decided it was a whole row short!!!!!! How could that be? I counted, recounted, got out the calculator, recounted again. Still wrong. How could I be short a whole row of blocks.   I didn't realize until I hung it up today that I wasn't a row short, I added an extra row.   Math will always be a challenge.  This is the center with the correct number of rows. :-)))  It's very pretty, love the purples, blues and greens. They work well together. 

While I was blog hopping today I found a wonderful story about dedication, determination, patience and encouragement of a couple working through a very very difficult injury that could have turned sour with one dying from their injury. The story is well written and is a real story of faith and love.-----------

--------- It proves again, Mother Nature knows best. I say Mother Nature because the main characters in this love story are not humans, they are geese that mate for life.  We humans could take some life lessons from our feathered friends. Please visit Char's blog and read her story, it's very heartwarming. If the link about doesn't work, her blog address is  The story is titled Dedication of Love